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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Be At Home During The Relocation Process?
It is not compulsory for you to be present at the time of the move. You can ask anyone from your family or relative to be there in the form of a representative. However, your presence will give you the most satisfying feeling that everything is done according to your preference and also you can guide us about your instant requirement.
How Can I Get The Best Removalist Company For Moving My House?

You can ask your friends and relatives who have experienced relocation in recent times. They will provide you the contact details and other desired information about the removalists company.

  • However, you can check it out on Google or other search engines. 
  • Type Removlsits Melbourne or Melbourne removalists, and you will see a list of companies. 
  • Get a quote from the company that sounds good to you. 
  • You can check their online reviews and make a decision. 
  • You should look at both positive and negative reviews.
  • Don’t get impressed with the company showing a 100% 5-star rating because nobody is perfect in the world. 

You can check out services and reviews of Removalists Near Me. We offer a wide range of moving services at the most amazing prices.

How Much Do Movers Cost In Melbourne?
The average moving cost in Melbourne, VIC, depends on several factors. On the general basis, you need to pay between $300 to $600 for moving a single bedroom that requires 2 to 4 hours time and a truck with two movers. However, you should not consider this as the final cost. It will vary with the influencing factors.
How Will You Handle My Delicate And Valuable Items?
Removalists Near Me deliver utmost attention to your valuable and delicate objects. We offer complete attention to every one of your belongings, whether it is having good monetary value or some sentimental value. At the time of packing such items, we remain very attentive. These objects are packed and wrapped properly with durable and strong bubble wrap. Clear labeling is done on such packed boxes so that everyone can handle it with care.
Do Removalists Near Me Serve All Suburbs Of Melbourne?
Yes, we have a good team of removalists that are available at every corner of Melbourne. So you only have to tell us about your need and location; we will be there to help you with our moving expertise. Feel free to contact us at 1300690088 for detailed information.
How Long Will The Moving Process Take?
The time required for moving will greatly vary from move to move. However, some professional moving companies can provide you the estimated time on the basis of the size of the room. The single or studio bedroom will take about 2 to 3 hours for moving, whereas 3 to 5 hours is required to move to a two-bedroom house. Now you can conclude that the more the number of rooms, the more time would be required.
Can I Help Removalists While Loading And Packing The Objects?
Yes, sure, it’s completely your choice whether you want to help the removalist or not. However, it will be beneficial to you if you will help as your move will be done fastly, and you can save your money if you have hired them on the basis of hours.
What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move?
There is no fixed day that guarantees your move will be stress-free and comfortable. Any date that suits your work and lifestyle will be appropriate for your move. However, it is generally recommended that you should plan your move between Monday and Thursday as on these days the demand for movers is less thus you don’t have to pay extra for your relocation. You will remain free from the rush.
Do You Require Any Notice For Booking?
Removalists Near Me is available at short notice. You can book us for the same-day removal service. However, if you let us know your desired moving date one or two weeks in advance, then it will be convenient for us to remain available for you. We will easily complete your move on the scheduled time in a minimum amount of time and under your budget.
How To Ensure The Kid's Safety On Moving Day?
The safety of your kids should be the primary concern when you have to move with your kids. Your kids should be at the safe place whether you are aiming to complete your move on your own or hiring professional removalists. The presence of kids at the place not only causes distraction, but they can harm themself with heavy objects. Thus it is better to keep them at the home of relatives or some close friends. Also, you can think about hiring a babysitter who will take complete care of your kids.